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I'm not weak! I was too busy banging Marilyn to pay attention to those commie bastards.

William Jefferson Clinton

Say what you will, but I would love to have that Michelle as my intern -- I guaranty that I would make her so proud that she would salute the flag.


I love the name of your blog

Desert Sailor

I have had a few things along this line to say about the MSM annointed "child of light"!


It is good to know that not everyone is deluded into believing or accepting this cult called Obamamania. He is one of the most unqualified men to be nominated for President in American History. Should it surprise us that he appeals mostly to college students and the Left-wing Press?


What foreign experience did Dubbya have before he was appointed president?



Dubya had very little foreign policy experience and look what a disaster that had been. Thus, to suggest that Obambi is qualified to be President because he has inadeuqate foreign policy experience like Bush is really a stupid argument.

Cool blog

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