American Bringing Sexy Back


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Jersey Nick

Thanks for the shout-out -- I just couldn't help myself.

Although I am glad that this awful show is finally over, I beg you not to stop. As Girl Power is taking her fight to the convention floor, we need weekly up-dates on the the rising of the forth reich and Senator Adolf Orea.


I'll keep you apprised of thing as the year develops. Who knows what my girl may bringt?


As usual, great posts all season long. They were the highlights of my Wednesday and Thursday mornings. I'll miss them!

I'll check back every now and again to see if you've posted a column updating your thoughts on the upcoming election.

Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy summer. Take good care!


Thanks for the shout out Chistina. I appreciate your thoughts and hope you and yours have a great summer as well. I plan to continue with my election coverage as the year progreses.

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives

I don't follow American Idol, but every time I see that picture of "American Bringing Sexy Back" in your sidebar, I have to laugh.



Just say... NObama!


I don't know what Brian's excuse is but Seal has an autoimmune disease called Lupus which is responsible for the scarring on his face.

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