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Eliot Spitzer

I will never understand these retarded, in-bread, drunk micks -- Why would you drive around drunk with some dumb twat when for $5,000, you can get a GFE sans condum, BBBJ and Greek in the safety of a taxpayer funded DC hotel? They say yids are cheap -- who are they kidding.



You can try all you want to get in my good graces, but you are still the same man who makes John Edwards look like a righteous man. How is Silda? Does she let you screw her without a condom?

But regardless, your points are well taken about Fat Ted!

Eliot Spitzer

Fuck her -- If she was giving me what I wanted, I would not have ventured into the land of Jersey Ho's (who am I kidding, I still would have done it and I have no regrets).

Dennis hodgson

I agree with you regarding Ted Kennedy: he was a pompous prat. However, I do take issue with you over your contention that President Reagan liberated the USSR. Nothing would have happened without Mihhail Gorbachev. He's the real hero of the piece, and he speaks even now [after being rejected and forgotten in his homeland] a lot of truth. He's right about Afghanistan, for example. America has got itself into one hell of a mess there.

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