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I like it. Every word. You have a gift.

Keep moving it forward.

The Radio Patriot

Howard Dean

The sad part is that you have a point. It is sad that the party of the people has become a party of elitist and arrogant socialist that despise the very people they claim to represent. I cannot help thinking about the words of Ronald Reagan, "I did not leave the Democratic Party, it left me." I for one will be voting for McNasty and the Tasty MILF.


I almost screamed when I read this Howard, but then I realzied that Palin governed a state with a larger population than Vermont, but no one ever questioned you experience when you ran for President.

kevin Ashton

What I find scary is how rabid and extreme the views of the Republican party have become.

Not content with having a different political point of view from the democrats you demonize everything that is not right wing Republican.

What a sad state of affairs the Grand Old Party has become when it's only point of view are extreme. Surely after 8 years of am man who stole the election enough is enough.
I remember being amazed as the whole dirty business and hanging chads unfolded thinking....if any other country in the world had such a dubious election results America would have been the first country to condemn it and refuse to recognise it's legitimacy.

The current incumbant has done a lot to drag the fine name and hither to moral high of your country into the mud.

Even though I think it is fair to say that your candidate is an honourable man he is still surrounded and supported by a group of baying dogs full of hate.

If Eisenhower, Nixon or Reagan were still alive they would be ashamed.



When has the Left ever cared about the high road? Aren't you the same party that nominated and supported Bill Clinton, a man who lied under oath and corrupted the campaign finance system?

In the words of Scalia about the Bush v. Gore decision, get over it. If the votes had been counted the way Gore wanted, he still would have lost Florida. I'm sorry that Daley wasn't able to do his father proud and steal Florida from the legitimate victor.

Finally, you have yet to note one point made in the posting that is factually inaccurate. It is not me who is full of hate; it is your Messiah who sat in Reverend Wright's Church for 20 years and congregated with William Ayers. It is characters like that who are filled with hate, not the GOP.

In the end, when the Left loses yet another election they should have won, I for one will be the first say that I Am Finally Proud to be an American, just like the hateful anti-American Michelle Obama.

You think Nixon would be ashamed of the party. Do you know your history? Wasn't he hated and despised by the Left until they staged a coup d'etat against him? As for Reagan. similar efforts were attempted but failed. So don't you dare try to make claims as to their thoughts when the Left hated them until they died.

I will speak out loudly and clearly until the party of George Soros goes the way of the Whigs.


You are as anti-American as anyone I've ever read. Fortunately your second grade level incompetent writing will only be seen by others with the same hatred you contain. America will survive people like you who seek to destroy it. Your hate filled diatribes are only of interest to point out who the terrorists are in this great country we have to share with hate mongering cowards such as yourself.



I will admit that I will not be Proud to Be An American until I see Obambi wiped from the electoral landscape. Until that time, I can't help but hate the fools who would put an inexperienced race card playing, Tony Rezko financed, William Ayers collaborator who violated a written pledge to public finance his campaign in the White House. Hopefully, it will be less than 50% of Americans who vote that way and then I will only have to hate less than half of America.

As for my second grade level writing, I guess I can't compete with someone of your ilk who appears to have the reasoning skills of a monkey with Downs Syndrome who the Democrats didn't try to kill with a late term abortion.

Jersey Nick

Maniac, what the hell is going on? It has been almost a week since your last posting and McNasty has gone from 5 up to 2 down. This country needs you to keep plugging along and set the record straight. As we are all afraid of what lies ahead as the criminal extremes of the Wall Street left have jeopardized the solvency of our country, we need insight and guidance as to the future. Clearly the legacy of the Clinton regime has finally come home to roost. The attacks on 9/11 have diverted our attention to fighting Islamofascists rather that the socialist plot to destroy our capitalist system.


Jersey Nick:

I am well aware that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are primarily responsible for the collapse of the financial markets due to their cronies at Fannie and Freddie. I am not in the mood this week to go after them, but keep on trucking. The Maniac will be back.

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