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Speechless in America

I am speechless in America. Your entries are a bizarre combination of learned discourse mingled with outrageous commentary. Like being in a near parallel universe. I love your background research which bolsters your missile attacks. You are right on the facts which must drive people crazy. How do you have time to do political reading of this depth is what I would like to know.


Thank you speechless. But unlike what the Left-wing media thinks, us conservatives are not a bunch of retards. We read and pay attention. And tonight we saw what a small town Hockey Mom can do to a limp wristed community organizer like Obama. What a speech!! It was historic and if I were a Democrat, I would start getting scared.


Palin was brilliant last night. She showed good reason as to why those Democrats should be scared and concerned. Obama and all of his practiced speech efforts, his stand on that Grecian Mound, was made to look like a skinny necked fool. So much for that momentous speech he gave last week, she just loaded up her verbal shotgun and blew him away.


The brilliant speech performed by Palin made Obambi look like the novice he is. Let's hope he will be crushed by McNasty in the Fall.

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