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Yeah, some star. The revelations on her are coming out faster than even we on the left can keep up with, she's already been muzzled because her handlers are scared to death about what she might slip up and say, and she's the best fundraiser Obama ever had.

Can you maybe get her to give a speech once every few days? See if you can get Schmidt to take the muzzle off periodically to refresh Barack's coffers.


Jolly Roger:

You won't be so Jolly when your Community Organizer and friend of William Ayers loses this election even though he should win after 8 years of Bush. You people are a joke and the best you can come up with is attacking a 17-year old and her husband's dated DUI conviction.

Get over yourself. Biden is a crook and so is Obama. As for fund raising, McNasty is even with Obama and his money advantage gone.

Thank God the Left is so stupid. If they weren't beating up on a woman, perhaps you would be doing much better.


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