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Are you really a maniac? and who is that girl on the left?
and here's a present



I'm a maniac when it comes to exposing the radical Left and their many absurdities. The girls on the left? Do you mean beautiful Hillary under Bringing Sexy Back or Kellie Pickler under tragic transformation.

What present are you talking about? Does that mean you are going to make sure that Obambi is defeated? If so, that would be a gift that keeps on giving.

Jersey Nick

In addition, I thought those people always talked about Bentleys and Benjamins. What a fraud -- The only thing on his iPod is Merle Haggard.


I love this blog!
I think I've mentioned it before, but you are a SUPERSTAR of bloggin'!
Keep up the good work and let's put a stop-sign on the path democrats are trying to drag us down.

Anthony Fuller

I'm always entertained when coming here. Keep up the good work and enjoy the vacation!


Right. Because we can afford to pick a fight with Russia or threaten to bomb Iran now. Do you have some extra tax dollars lying around? 'Cause, really, McCain had 26 years to stand up and do something worthwhile and now he's criticizing Obama. I get it. Makes total sense to me.

Jersey Nick

Dee, you a lezbo or something?


This womyn, Dee, is a typical Democrat moron who parrots whatever MoveOn.Org tells them. It should be no surprise that most of these fools don't have jobs, collect welfare or live with their mothers for free rent. Obambi displayed his weakness in his response to the crisis in Georgia. He wants to talks and sooth, while tanks roll in via Jimmy Carter without the integrity but with Reverand Wright.


who among you agrees with this, that Carrie Underwood is the most beautiful, sexy country girl alive perhaps that has ever lived with that sexy voice
and looks


No! Why are you leaving?! This is the first post of yours that I've read - I came across it through Blog Explosion - but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. My boyfriend and I were laughing hysterically at some parts. Thanks for the entertainment, and keep it coming!




I was just on vacation, but I will be back with a new posting. I can never stop attacking the lying scum that make up the Democrat Party.


Looking forward to your return.


WOW.... I gotta say that you guys have really opened minds. I came here because someone told me that this was an AI blog as well. I am basically doing the same thing in my house. The only difference is that while I speak of McCain in much the same way that you speak of Obama, I at least check the facts that I am going to put down before I spew forth with, ( to quote Maniac)

"This womyn, Dee, is a typical Democrat moron who parrots whatever MoveOn.Org tells them"

It seems to me that you are just as guilty of spewing Hannity and Fox crap as well. You have your right to an opinion and I have mine. Tear me apart if you may.




I am not expressing facts when I called Dee an idiot. I was expressing an opinion. Opinions are different from facts and most people understand the difference except for Left-wing Democrats. For the record, I don't like Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly and have listened to Rush Limbaugh twice. No one feeds me talking points.

Finally, I pretty much hate McNasty as well so I would probably find some common ground with you. However, if you are stupid enough to buy into the race-baiting bull shit of the Schwarze Kennedy, anything you have to say is discredited. Who could respect anyone who votes for a party that deemed John Edwards the third most worthy candidate for the White House.

Speaking of John Edwards, did I tell you I didn't want to talk about my dead son or cancer stricken wife? Did I mention what lies and trash the National Enquirer is? Did I mention how fun it is to get caught screwing some coked out slut and knocking her up?

By the way, the Idol blog will start when Season 8 arrives and you can get old postings on the archives.

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