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Joe Biden? What a dope. As this election has unfolded, I have wondered whether it was possible for the communists to lose an election that was impossible to lose. Well, the Oreo has finally done it. He beat my twat wife -- fine, no one likes the bitch -- but now he choses the hair plug plagiarist from a small insignificant bullshit backward state as his running cracker. I have never really liked that fat moron, Michael Moore, but he is right in his new book, we have lost the most winnable election in history. Perhaps we can convince that crack pot fuck face Perot to come out of the woodwork and run. That is our only chance. I was on the fence as to whether I would vote for my lezbo wife, but I will clearly be voting for the crazy war hero, even if he picks the Jew from conn.


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God Bless your efforts



"Above my pay grade" what an asinine brainless response that was - consider the source. So as a wannbe future "Mr. Prez" how does he think that'll fly in the face of decision making? "Above my pay grade", I suppose he can attribute that to being from a Higher Power on occasion, but it really comes from a lack of comprehension for the thought process itself.

Oh, and where's his fanatical Reverend of which he's parted ways with - for the time being stand on this matter? Oh, and not to forget, Oprah, dear old 'humanitarian' Oprah, wonder how she must have viewed this discourse during that interview? Above their pay grades too, perhaps?



Who would have thought the Democrats could fill the Mile High City with so much bull shit. They disgust and Pelosi is now claiming to be a Catholic scholar. She suggested that Christian teaching does not indicate the life begin at conception. What a heretic and liar!! She's can't run House and now she claiming to be the Pope! Outrageous!!

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