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I am completely aroused by that wide-open mouth shot of Hillary -- I may consider switching sides again.



She might bite off what little endowment you have.

Jersey Nick

Maniac, although this stuff is casually amusing to me, as a two year old, politics is not my primary interest. As I am sure you are aware, last night, American Idol try-outs went down in the Garden State -- Any insights on the up-coming season, assuming the Pelousy congress does not shut-down the Fox Network based on the "fairness" doctrine?


Jersey Nick:

Although the next American Idol will have far more influence on America than some lame President, we now must focus on the battle against Obambi. If he is defeated, those hateful liberals who want to shut down the Fox Network will be squeeling like pigs. It would be historic and unheard of for a political party to control the White House for 12 years, particualrly when the incumbent is so unpopular. To loose in such a way would make me laugh and laugh and laugh!! On the flip side, if Obambi wins, we will have the pleasure of watching him lead the Democrats into even a worse defeat in the Midterm elections than Bill Clinton. Furthermore, he will fail miserably and get nothing done. In this election, we just can't loose.

George Soros and all his corrupt cronies will blow a gasket. That would be almost as pleasurable as wtaching Carrie Underwood perform live on Idol.


You know, Katie McCouric had to edit an interview with your champion because he's too stupid to talk without Holy Joe standing by. And the MSM has bent over backwards to give your boy all the free ad time they can give him by treating every new flung-feces ad he comes up with as "news." The love affair here is the one that wingnuts have for talking points. News Flash: the "librul media" is long dead, and telling the truth about something does not automatically make one "librul" (although it sure as hell does make one NOT conservative.)



Can you read? I do not support McNasty. Thus, he can't be my man as you suggest. This goes to show how stupid and ignorant most of the Left is. The minute you raise legitimate points about Left-wing media bias and Obambi's undistinguished public record and intellectual dishonesty, they can't wait to call you a wingnut. The Party of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the dsyfunctional Clintons and the Messiah is in no position to call any one nuts.

By the way, did I forget to mention that you should stop fucking your toy poodle and all the little kids in the playground you depraved left-wing cretin?

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