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Mary Joe Kopechne's Unborn Fetus

What a wonderful blog -- This is truly informative and I wish I could have breathed underwater to see my cancer ridden murderous rapist father (Ted, not Bill in case there is any confusion) speak at such an important convention.


God Bless you Mary Jo. How you could have consorted with that fat pig and murderer is beyond me!

Mary Jo's Unborn Fetus

Maniac, that was my mother -- she was a whore. I was only the biproduct of their unholy union. In many ways, I was an example of the type of aportions that my fat communist father (again Ted, not Bill in case there is any confusion) has endorced for years.


Sorry Mary Jo Fetus, but I can think of far worse whores than your mother. What about Pelosi, Edwards, Clinton, Boxer and the other hordes of Soro's lackies that congregate in the Democrat Party?

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