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Friedrich Engels

This Obama guy is just to far left for my tastes.


Not to mention an empty suit with less credentials to be President of the United States than Britany Spears or Paris Hilton!


They all suck. I'd rather have Paris Hilton as Pres than His Highness.



How about Lindsey Lohan? She could add some real fun to the Oval Office. Perhaps she'll drive the motorcade into her staff when she gets mad.


So is Obama a socialist, fascist or communist. All you neocons want to label him, why don't you just pick one and run with it.


Dijon, otherwsie known as Dumb Fuck,

For someone who hates labels, I wonder why you are calling my a neocon. I opposed the Iraq War from the start and think GWB should be impeached. I find the current direction of the GOP disturbing and do not support John McCain. However, compared to your nazi, communist socialist race-baiting elitiist, McNasty is looking pretty good.

Speak to you soon. I need to go and inflate my tires.

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