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hi, came from blog explosion, like your blog alot, think its well thought out. Check mine out as well and let me know what you think. it's not very fancy but i hope you have fun


Adolf Hitler

Stop pimping your silly blog on this cite Melvin. Hmmmm, Melvin -- Are you a j ...? I am getting a tingle.

I cannot believe where my country has gone -- The last time that a Schwatze Amricano was in my reich, he ruined my Olympics.



Didn't you learn your lesson from WWII? It doesn't seem that the Schwarze Kennedy did since he is following in your footsteps.


You really haven't done much research. He has sponsored and co-sponsored many bills in his few years as US senator (over 500), and almost 2,000 in his entire political career with both Democrats and Republicans alike. All of which support and back up his claims and ideals he wants to do as President, all of which Help the American people that need it. If you think this country is perfect, then you are blind.

He never said he wants to "remake" the world, he is simply saying that we must heal our wounds that our current administration has created and stand united against the modern threats of today.

If you truly believe that this country is fine and has no fault in damaging our old alliances and our view from other nations across the world and the lack of respect others now have for us then you really are as ignorant as your post suggests you are.

Jimmy Carter

Anyon -- FU Darkie



You are truly a "typical" Obama supporter. Provide me with one instance in which Obambi has led a bipartisan effort that rankled the Left-wing. Senators co-sponsor bills all the time. He has led nothing other than his family into pews at Reverend Wright's Church. Perhaps, you need to do a little research before you make suggestions on my august blog.

Furthermore, he did state that he wanted to remake the world just the way Hitler did in the the 30's.


What, I watched the speech and I don't remember Obama saying anything about remaking the world as Hitler did in the 30's. Where are you getting these "facts"?



You really must be stupid. This posting was an anaylsis of the speech. Of course, Obambi would never say he wanted to remake the world like Hitler. But he did say that he wanted to "remake" the world. That is a fact and a dangerous one at that. Not to mention arrogant. I thought the problem of the last 8 years was Bush's arrogant plans to democratize the world. But it is acceptable to do precisely that when you are a left-wing Democrat. You losers are beyond the pale.

Obama=20 years with Rev. Wright=affiliations with William Ayers=slimy financial dealings with Rezko & Northern Trust=Messianic speeches suggesteing that the world needs to be remade=HITLER!!!!

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