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Adolf Hitler

This Obambi guy seems a bit to radical for me.


Adolph, but what about his Ava? Does she float your boat?


I swear this guy could go to a 4th o July parade and shoot some kids and kick some puppies, burn a few flags and take a leak on the Veterans memorial and the MSM would still love him. SICK!!!!

Plz Dont Hate

Wow, you and all three of your commenters are maniacs. Don't worry. It's almost over. If you don't like President Obama's administration, you can always move to hell. They need more dumb asses like you four down there. Good luck with your vote though....Losers!


Plz Don't Hate:

Thanks so much for your brilliant comment. Furthermore, if you could actually read, you would note that I could care less who wins this election or reads my blog. I do this for my won enjoyment. America is headed for a decline and the Schwarze Fuhrer and his bitter wife will only precipitate the decline.

Isn't it funny how the left thinks any one who does not swoon over Obama must be evil? This simplistic view must have been derived from MSM. As for leaving America if by some misfortune this fraud and liar is elected, I wouldn't have to move to hell since life in America will be a living hell.

Plz Don't Hate

Hey, you idiotic maniac, apparently it is YOU who cannot read...or write ("I do this for my [WON] enjoyment")! LOL! Where did I say anything about giving a shit whether you "swoon" over the next President of the United States, Barack Obama, or giving a damn about who you are voting for?! My comment was directed at your idiotic, lying, deluded, already debunked, bullshit! I don't give a fuck who you're voting for! Future President Barack Obama is not going after the stupid vote, which is obviously the category your dumb ass falls into!!! The lies and ignorance that you have spewed are enough to call your ignorant deluded ass out on! And, as I said before, good luck with your vote! Hopefully, whomever you vote for will ensure that there are mental health services available to help you with your oh so apparent mentally-deranged needs!

Regardless of whether you get psychiatric help or not, please, please, please do as I suggested before and GO TO HELL!!

Oh, and idiotic maniac, if you have this much time to write such a long as post for your "won" enjoyment, I highly recommend that you get a real/better job and maybe you won't grow up to be such a loser.


Plz Don't Hate:

Obviously, the Schwarze Kennedy has the stupid vote in the bag in light of your support. Furthermore, if you are going to critque typos, you should carefully proofread your astute commentary"?!"

LOL!! Where did you learn your syntax?

Finally, please point out one factual inaccruacy about the liar and fraud. It is not me who will be going to HELL. As for my employment status, I'm sure I am earning more money than a loser like you waiting for the One to save him/her from his miserable life. BTW, you may want to start off by moving out of your mother's house and paying the rent. After all, I never knew a liberal who paid his own way without assistance.

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