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Jersey Nick

Maniac, you got it all wrong. Fantasia blew it out. That was hot. I have no idea what she sang, but she certainly takes over the stage like no one else. When I think of the complete disappointment of this season, this will be the one moment that I remember. Crack may be wack, but our Crack Ho was blazen'


Jersey Nick:

I can't disagree. Fantasia was totally entertaining, but she certainly wasn't good in the sense of her normal UGLINESS!!

Johnny Wadd

The look caught on simon's face during fantasia's performance was absolutely priceless.


Indeed - it was a classic Idol moment!


Was it just our television or what? Close ups had us squinting at her, where the hell were her teeth? Man, looked like the uppers were worn down. Wow that was one freak-fugly look Mantasia had tied on. I shuddered to think further about the hair color...

Loved Simon's face. That was worth watching the whole mess.



I believe Fantasia has braces. Now that she has earned so much bling, she can fix her jacked-up teeth. Quite the show, wasn't it?


The Jonas Brothers are scheduled on tonight. That'll bring on the tweenies by the millions - and possibly help wee Archie out even more. Should be quite the overblown spectacle.


They are also suggesting that one the biggest stars in music history will be there. They may also chanel someone from the dead like they did with Elvis in Season 6. I can't wait, but it is quite sad now that the journey is coming to a close.

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