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Jersey Nick

If anything was proved last night, it was the following:

1. I will take an unintelligible Fantasia in a voodoo trance over these two faggots anytime and

2. Clay could blow these two away -- He is a better singer and a better gay.


No one is a better gay American than your former Governor.

Jersey Duchess

A few thoughts-
1. Wholeheartedly agree that David A is no Clay and find it an insult that he was given the same song to sing,
2. LOVED (in the words of Simon) the Adolph Oreo moniker and
3. Think David C should win despite being off a little bit last night (and he's not gay! David A? Let's just say he sings AND dances)

And PS, to go back a week, Fantasia was unbelievable. Watched it again last night...UGLY!?!


you are way more with than Jersey Nick, Duchess and could not agree with you more. Fantasia was certainly something to see, but i don't know about UGLY. And thanks for the shout out. It's too bad there is not much time left this season, but i'm sure we can come up with even more labels for Senator Adolf Oreo.


Well that wasn't unforeseen, exactly. My take - after watching my dreadlocked darling - Bring back the Jason.

Jersey Nick

Apparantly Jersey Duchess's Juicy pants are on too tight or the Jersey Duke is not doing his job correctly, but every David on the program is queerer than a $3 bill.

BTW, I got a life to lead -- where the hell is today's installment -- This is an outrage.


Hold your horse jersey Nick. It is up right now.


Did anyone tryied torrents? awesome....can anyone rocemmend tracker for the stuff on this torrent?

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